:) As much as I enjoy sharing positive things, I see so much disrespect and negativity and I really don’t care to be around that anymore. I also think my time is better spent reading, writing, or doing something fulfilling. I would spend WAY to much time on there! I believe Facebook was over-inflating my ego too: pictures of myself, “me me,me” posts, I just didn’t like how it made me feel after I spent time on it. When I feel I am ready, I will bring it back. Whoever this is, I hope life is treating you well too. You can still contact me through text or email which I will gladly give you off anonymous. :) 

kittyslocum : I will create a unique greeting card of any kind for $5 on www.fiverr.com

HEY GUYS! I’m REALLY trying to make some $$$ to pay my way through art school. I would appreciate it more than anything if you could trade $5 (equivalent to a Starbucks drink/Coke/scratch ticket) for a little homemade gift. I’m really good at writing inspirational things too if you need a pick-me-up. THANK YOU SO MUCH - I want to go to art school more than anything; It’s my dream and if I get to go I would probably curl up in a ball and die of happiness. Love, light, and kittens, -Kit

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